Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sundance 2008

Ron English's character MC Supersize!!!

My first trip to the Sundance Film festival was an amazing experience. Being from California the 10 feet of snow and freezing conditions were quite a shock, but Park City was amazingly beautiful, and it was fun to throw snow balls at people!

I was there to help Justin Giarla (owner of the Shooting Gallery) put on an Art Show at MaryJane's boutique in Park City. Along the way I met some really great people, some of my favorite artists, and best of all helped Ron English and Daniel Lahoda film scenes of MC Supersized interacting with Festival revellers on the street for their Jet Set Graffiti project.

My room mate and fellow artist Anne Faith Nicholls was being sponsored by Van's to make a film about the artist experience at Sundance, so she and her boyfriend and filmmaker Jacob McClure cruised around filming the whole week.

I can't say I got to see any films (boo hoo) but, there was quite a bit of celeb spotting going on, and lots of people filming around town. Having stayed there for a full week it's hard for me to sum up the experience in a few short words but some of the highlights, low lights and down right funny things were....women in full length fur walking by PETA protesters, MC Supersize dancing down Main Street, Jared Letto looking sexy, me slipping on my ass snow skating, MC slipping in the snow and his head falling off, Graffiti Lab kids, parties parties parties, British men in fake fur, drinking with Anthony Michael Hall O' Shucks, lots of amazing art, me trying to start a fire, good friends, throwing snowballs at Justin, too many cameras, Paparazzi, hanging out with Ron English and Daniel Lahoda, Anne and Jacob filming for Van's,
Morgan Spurlock's awesome condo,
and getting locked out of the hotel room.

Can't wait until next year!